Statement of Cong. Strike B. Revilla on President Rodrigo Duterte’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) 2017

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The President’s candor shows his genuineness and commitment to his responsibility to the country and our people. Habang marami ang kritisismo sa kanyang pamamaraan ng pananalita, there are more who appreciate his honesty and transparency in communicating his emotions and ideas.

His message was clear. We all have a united and shared responsibility in protecting the country, and nurturing the future of the Philippines and our kababayans. This I believe is the most important part of the message. All his plans, programs and proposed legislation across the various aspects of the SONA is only as good as the support the branches of government and the various sectors of society is willing to give.

I think it is also important that he addressed obstructionism as the main hindrance against progress.

I urge our fellow Bacooreños and Filipinos to continuously show our support to President Duterte’s programs and rally behind him as he aims to build a better tomorrow.

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