Stronger law vs discrimination against women pushed

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City of Bacoor Representative Strike B. Revilla sponsored his bill, HB 2229, “Expanding the Prohibited Acts of Discrimination Against Women on Account of Sex, Amending for the Purpose Articles 135 and 137 of Presidential Decree No. 442, as Amended, Otherwise Known as the Labor Code of the Philippines” during the Committee on Labor and Employment regular meeting last 2 August 2017.

According to the Congressman, he filed the bill because of the delayed progress of women’s political rights in many fields.

“Saksi po tayo sa mga pagbabago at sa progreso sa pagtrato sa mga kababaihan, from the local scene all the way up to the international scene. Their contributions to solving problems have become more and more vital. Women should assume their responsibility, not only to improve their own situation but also to share with men the responsibility in the affairs of society,” Revilla explained.

“Ngunit dito po sa Pilipinas, sa kabila ng worldwide emancipation ng mga kababaihan sa lipunan ay may diskriminasyon pa rin pong nagaganap sa mga kababaihan sa kanilang lugar ng pinagtatrabahuhan. Filipino women continue to suffer indignities in the course of their employment, merely because they are women,” he lamented.

The bill penalizes employers who will give preference to male employees over female employees in the hiring process through different means, which include notices or advertisements for employment, or in the actual recruitment of employees, all the more when such particular work can be equally handled by a woman. It also prohibits the denial to any women the benefits of employment or other statutory benefits under our laws by reason of her sex.

“Gone are the days when women were considered to be the weaker sex. We must not only recognize that women have an important role in nation building, but also realize that their position in society is eminent, integral and indispensable,” the lawmaker ended.


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